Coach Brice


Brice works to inspire all his students:  “I am most excited about what I believe to be the most important benefit of participating in intentional sports: character formation.  As a coach, my goal is to see these young student athletes develop character qualities that they can carry with them throughout their lives.  If we can learn to be self-controlled, hard working, considerate of others, and ultimately play sports to the glory of God, then we will have achieved something meaningful.”  


Brice Belden, Intentional Sports KC Director


Fundamental basketball drills and skill development
Character Formation and Development
Intentional Team Building Activity Leadership

Not only does Brice possess a passion for sports and coaching, but he is trained in it. He completed a Master’s in Sports Psychology, and is excited to use that training here at Intentional Sports! He played basketball through high school, and used his failing to make the team his senior year as a springboard towards coaching because he still loved the game so much so that he wanted to remain involved in it. He was introduced to team building activities designed for character formation/development by his high school youth pastor, and has extensive experience in leading these types of groups with various ages of students. Brice’s goal is to influence students using both intentional group initiatives and fundamental basketball skill development drills. The end goal of all these activities is not simply improving basketball skills or just creating more leaders……but to do all of these things in a manner that reflects Jesus Christ as not only the Lord of individuals, but the only One capable of creating permanent and wholistic change in and amongst different communities. This is the lens through which Brice views his gifts and talents to be used at Intentional Sports, and he is excited to work with students regardless of their religious beliefs or backgrounds!